Thursday, March 19, 2015

So, what's the plan? - Shivom Oza

I hear about acquaintances getting married. I see friends getting settled in their respective careers. I learn about 'FB contacts' traveling around the world. Few folks turned entrepreneurs and are, apparently, doing well.

I went with these people to the same school/college, have had a similar upbringing, and, presumably, am as focused. Yet, I've no clue about where am I headed, as far as these aforementioned aspects are concerned.

I've been asked the 'what's your plan?' question, often. IMO, the best plan is to not have one at all. Nothing wrong in going with the flow! No?

Shivom Oza


  1. Shivom you have put un in your profile : I am a fairly opinionated person. So, I write! , you have an opinion as for best plan is no plan :) if yes or no you know best na..why this "No?" at end..

    And if you ask me if one has a plan you know destination and start seraching or building a way towards it, if you do not have any you pick and choose..;) both have their pros and cons..

  2. Well written. All of us are sailing in the same boat. Also dont consider all that you see on the social media to be true :) You might have no idea what's really going on deep inside.