Monday, November 24, 2014

There's a Festival for Everything - Shivom Oza

Watching 28 movies in 7 days at the Mumbai Film Festival was a life-altering experience. I was sold to the magic of cinema. Attending 7 live events in a week at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival got me hooked on to theatre and stand-up comedy.

Going to the Times Literary Carnival gave me better perspective on issues of national/social/global importance. I attended NH7 Weekender, and my respect for music and musicians has grown manifold.

Lesson learnt - If you wish to develop a passion for literature/cinema/theatre/music etc. and don't know where to begin from, give cultural festivals a shot!

Shivom Oza

Friday, November 7, 2014

Kitna Hua? Kitna Baaki Hai? - Shivom Oza

How much am I earning? When is the weekend coming? How many hours to go before I leave for the day? If I plan a trip, how many days' leave should I apply for? How many likes did my FB post get? How much time is it going to take for me to reach my destination? How many words to go before I touch 100?

Invariably, we spend most of our day - and life - keeping a count of everything, and then wonder why we've become so dull. If only, we valued moments as much as we value numbers!

Shivom Oza